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La peau - Curzio Malaparte


Book - "La Peau" Curzio Malaparte 
French Version 

In 1943, Curzio Malaparte, a great war correspondent and liaison officer to the Allies, was in Naples with the American troops who had come to liberate the country. Surrounded by these men recently arrived in Europe, that the years of combat and disillusionment have not yet damaged, the author undertakes a tragic odyssey through a ruined Italy, delivered to misery and chaos. Everywhere one indulges in the most vile exactions. As an echo of the tumult of men, Vesuvius erupts, animals die to death, the earth is torn. From page to page, the complexity of these destinies snapped up by the brutality of History unfolds under the eye of the author, uncompromising to the point of disgust with the cruelty of the facts. And this is the strength of his story: besides the beauty of his style, it is his ability to be indignant and indignant at the world that remains remarkable. Curzio Malaparte is pursuing with La Peau his magisterial business of testimony on the Second World War.

this book is the inspiration for the Spring Summer 20 Collection 

Book "La Peau" Malaparte 

French Edition - Folio

438 pages 

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