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Nuit des Temps Norman Mailer


Book - "Nuit des Temps" Norman Mailer
French Version 

Menenhetet II, or rather his Ka (his double) wakes up in the pyramid of Khufu (Kheops). Out of the monument, he wanders in the necropolis to find the tomb in which his mummified body was deposited. Having found his last home, he realizes that he is not alone there: his great grandfather Menenhetet I is also there. Before making the great journey of the dead in the Am-Douat (the underground place where the dead meet and which the God Re travels during the hours of the night), the Ka of the old man will relate to his rear small- son the four incarnations that he has been able to live in this world from the reign of Ramses II to that of Ramses IX. For this, he will trace his descendant until the time when he was then a child, invited in the company of his parents and his great grandfather in the palace of Pharaoh Ramses IX. During this reception, which will not end until dawn, the old man will tell the Pharaoh, his granddaughter Hathfertiti, mother of Menenhetet II and the father of it, Nef-khep-aukhem. All night old Menenehetet will tell his four lives that will take place mainly under the reign of Ramses II. A poor young man, he will become one of the most talented Pharaoh's army leaders and will participate with him in the famous battle of Qadesh. Later he became governor of the Garden of Recluses, the Harem of Pharaoh, where he learned the art of conspiracy. Then he will be part of Queen Nefertari's sequel and become his lover.

This book is the inspiration for the Autumn/Winter 19.20 Collection 

Book - "Nuit des Temps" Norman Mailer

French Version - Robert Laffont 1983


717 pages 

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