LGN was founded in Paris in 2017 by Louis-Gabriel Nouchi, who offers his contemporary vision of a new elegance. An avid reader since childhood, each collection is a tribute to a book, a writer who has shaped his view of the world.

Like a good novel, the LGN brand is a comfort zone where each individual can express themselves freely according to their desires, without limits of gender, body or age. The fluidity and sensuality of the materials are balanced with the precise, comfortable fit of each piece.

LGN offers a reflection on masculinity and what defines us as individuals. The garments proposed are a wardrobe that adapts to our desires. You wear the garment, not the other way around, and it allows you to reveal yourself and express what you want.

Product quality, production transparency and honesty are at the heart of the brand. Constantly striving to improve the materials we use, through partnerships with luxury European factories and major textile groups, LGN is an invitation to a new relationship with clothing and the way we wear fashion.